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Window Replacement Made Easy

Replacing your windows is the most significant way to increase the comfort and beauty of your home. If you have old, drafty windows that are a drain on your energy bill, are hard to open or need frequent scraping and painting, you can easily replace them with one of our replacement window options.

Considering doing it yourself? Use the following tools and tips to get you started. 

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Choosing an Installation Method

Replacing with an Insert Window

Made specifically for easy window replacement, an insert window is sized to fit inside your existing window frame, minimizing the disruption to your home on both the interior and exterior.

The sash are removed while the original frame and trim are left in place, saving you time and money. If you’re replacing windows on the second level, it’s easy to do from inside your home.

• Easier installation
• Minimal disruption
• Use existing frame and trim

Replacing with a Full Frame Window

A full frame replacement window includes a nailing flange and is installed after the removal of your existing window, including the frame, sash and trim.

If desired, the opening can be enlarged to create more replacement options.

  • More complex installation
  • More disruption
  • New frame and trim required